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Glastonbury Farm Herdshare

"Thou waterest the hills from thy upper rooms: the earth shall be filled with the fruit of thy works: Bringing forth grass for cattle, and herb for the service of men. That thou mayst bring bread out of the earth: And that wine may cheer the heart of man."

Psalms 103:13-15


In the state of Ohio, it is not legal to purchase raw milk for human consumption directly from a farm or store. However, everyone is entitled legally to consume milk produced by their own cow. So what do you do if you don't have family milk cow and you want fresh, delicious, whole milk? The answer is join a herdshare!

Essentially, a herdshare is a membership in our farm. It allows you and your family to get raw milk from "your own cows" by making you a partial owner of our herd.

How it works

Meet The Herd

Stop in, meet the family and the cows, and decide you want a share in delicious, fresh, nutritious, and wholesome raw milk

Join the Herd

Purchase a share, part-share, or multiple shares and become a part-owner of the Glastonbury Herd. Sign our herdshare agreement to agree to the terms and officially become one of the family.

Drink Fresh Milk

Customize a plan for your family. Schedule when you want to pickup your share(s) of milk a weekly or bi-weekly schedule based on your family's needs. It's simple, you pay us a monthly boarding fee to feed and care for the herd and we give you fresh milk!


(419) 438-3733


19879 State Route 15

Continental, OH 45831

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