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Beef (Whole, Half, Quarter)

Beef (Whole, Half, Quarter)

SKU: 0004

Our cattle are regularly on pasture, and fed a diet of alfalfa, grass hay, clover, and non-gmo corn.  The cow can be purchased as whole, half, or quarter.  On our farm, good beef is tender, fresh, and raised in a way we can all feel good about. We never use aritificial hormones or implants to raise beef faster, and we know you'll be impressed by the flavor and marbling of our Heritage Shorthorn beef.  Whole beef is $3.10/lb.  Half beef is $3.25.  Quarter beef is $3.50/lb.  (These are hanging weights and do not include butchering costs).


    We are not able to sell beef by the cut, at this time, but we hope to offer this option in the future. Beef availability is limited so please contact us if you would like to know when we have steers near finishing.

1 Pound
Color: Black


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