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Gallon of Milk (Herdshare)

Gallon of Milk (Herdshare)

SKU: 0002

Have you ever had natural, fresh milk, from the cow, the way your grandpa drank it? There is nothing like it -- rich, creamy, beautiful milk!  See our "Herdshare" tab for information on how to purchase a share in our herd and thus be legally eligible to purchase our fresh milk.


    If for any reason you find you milk to be unsatisfactory or unsuitablefor any reason, please bring it back to us for a replacement or refund.

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    Milk is sold in units of half-gallons in beautiful half gallon glass bottles for optimum freshness. When you finish a bottle we ask that you swish it with warm, soapy water to prevent any growth of bad bacteria, and return to us when you come for your next bottle(s). We will wash, sanitize, and refill them.

Color: Green


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