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Pork (Whole or Half Hog)

Pork (Whole or Half Hog)

SKU: 0003

Have you ever had Red Wattle pork?  Once you taste this, you'll be ruined for store-bought pork products.  The Red Wattle is a heritage breed that was recovered from near extinction in the backwoods of Texas.  They are known for their friendliness, their ability to forage, their wattle (which is a finger-like appendage that hangs from their chins), and of course their delicious, marbled pork meat!  Half Hog is $4.50/lb Hanging Weight and Whole Hog is $4.00/lb Hanging Weight.  Pricing does not include butchering costs.


    Pork is only sold on a half or whole hog basis on our farm. We are not currently able to sell by the cut, but we hope to offer this option in the future. Our hogs are raised on a natural, non-gmo, non-soy grain diet and also forage for grass or consume hay year round as well.

1 Pound
Color: Black


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